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This year at the IX. Algorithmic Number Theory Symphosium, held in Nancy, I had a poster in the poster session. You can see it here (click to see a larger version):

You can also get a PDF version here (9.1 MB).

The poster discusses how to effectively compute in the Arakelov divisor class group \Pic^0(K) of a number field K, which is assumed to be totally real in the current implementation described in the poster, but the same method works as long as there is at least one real embedding of K. In case K is totally imaginary, the only thing which gets more complicated is doing comparisms. The arithmetic uses f-representations as the main tool, i.e. it allows to compute in the infrastructure of K.


spielwiese. » blog archive » nancy. wrote on July 27, 2010:

[...] which was held in nancy this time (two years ago, it was in banff). this year i also presented a poster. here are some impressions from the [...]