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This site does not use cookies and does not pass on any data to external service providers, neither directly (in the browser) by including external resources, nor by the server or the server operator.

The only data which is temporarily stored for at most 7 days, is the following metadata:

This data is stored for security reasons, for example to investigate abuses and attacks. A systematic statistic analysis is not performed, and all this data will be deleted after 7 days.

If you have reason to believe your data is stored illicitly, please contact me via email.


In case you left a comment on an older incarnation of this blog, I'm storing the data you entered in the comment form back then. This is:

  • the name you entered,
  • the email address you entered,
  • the URL you entered,
  • the comment text you entered,
  • the timestamp when you submitted your comment.

If you want your comment removed or partially redacted (i.e. anonymize personal information), please contact me via email.