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Welcome to my math blog. This blog will focus on my research and on topics which happen to come to my mind. Most topics will probably concern Number Theory, in particular Computational Number Theory, but since I'm interested in a wide amount of subjects there will be other posts, too.

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Kornel wrote on May 4, 2009:

Great! Already subscribed to the RSS feed. :-)

Felix Fontein wrote on May 5, 2009:

Have fun reading :) I fiddled around with the layout the bit, I hope it's not too colorful now... At least, it looks like I'm still able to use CSS a bit... Oh, and I added some more gimmicks to the \text{\LaTeX} parser plugins, now it's possible to use a align*-style environment, which helped to fix some too long formulae.

Kornel wrote on May 21, 2009:

I'm still not sure, where the border of the crocus picture is... I like it. Too colorful perhaps only in contrast to spielwiese ;-)

Have you released the LaTeX-Plugin somewhere? The only problem I encountered is, that Google Reader Gadget is flickering for your mathematical posts. Perhaps because of the many images?

Felix Fontein wrote on May 21, 2009:

Well, view the background image, then you can see where it repeats ;) I tried several flower picturse, but this one was the only which looked good after making it seamless.

About te Google Reader Gadget: I don't know that one... In Google Reader itself, everything looks fine. At least when all images are loaded. I haven't released the plugin anywhere yet, but if someone is interested I'll send it to him. Are you interested? :)

Kornel wrote on May 22, 2009:

Of course I am interested! :-)

There are only not too many mathematical blog posts on my blog in the moment.

But perhaps because writing them was so hard up to now. ;-)